The Labour of Media (Studies) Activism, Education, and Industry


Call for Participation

(Concordia University, Montréal, November 15-17, 2018)


Confirmed keynotes: Alexandra Juhasz (Brooklyn College), Vicki Mayer (Tulane University), Charles Acland (Concordia University)

We are a group of knowledge workers creating a forum for discussion and analysis of contemporary academic labour in media studies inside and outside of the academy.  The university is characterized, in a neoliberal environment, by precarity and exploitation, especially in humanities disciplines such as media studies. As media proliferates and is organized by capital in a variety of emergent contexts, the position of media labour, and the place of those studying media industries and representations, grows more precarious, contract-based and instrumentalized. Precarity is the new tenure.

The emergence of the “corporate university” in North America has created a vacuum in, and an exodus from, the field of knowledge work in media and industry, resulting in a migration of activists away from the university. Some of us leave the system entirely, entering para-academia, devoting our collective energies to causes impossible to reconcile with the neoliberalized university. In this context we continually find ourselves struggling within the constraints of profit and utility. Continue reading →